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Guide to timeshare exchanging Part 1


We just can’t seem to get the holiday we want regardless of what we do! Try treating your holidays like a "mini project".

Explore your options in this article and you could dramatically improve your timeshare availability.

"We just can’t seem to get the holiday we want regardless of what we do!"

Is this you? .... If so read on.

Try treating your holidays like a "mini project"

Let’s see if we can answer the main problems you associate with lack of availability: -

"We own a low season week with low trading values. What can we do?"

  • Exchange Companies have different rules regarding exchange values, so please make sure you understand your Exchange Companies rules.
  • Could it be that your Exchange Company will increase the value of your trading power if you deposit your week(s) early? Find out!
  • Maybe your exchange system allows discounts in trading values if you request a last minute booking? Check this out!
  • Many timeshare owners investigate upgrading their ownership if they feel they only have a low trading value. *Make sure there is real benefit in upgrading! I have known some timeshare owners who pay a lot of money, thinking they are upgrading to improve their holiday time, and then finding themselves actually worse off! Sometimes a verbal sales conversation is quite different to what you can actually do with your Exchange Company, so do check out the Rules.

Sometimes a verbal conversation can be different to what you can actually do with your Exchange Company. So do be sure to check out their Rules.

However, you should be able to negotiate good deals if this is the way you decide to go. Prepare a list of questions prior to any sales meeting and check first with your Regulatory Body in your country that you are dealing with a reputable company.

  • Before you spend more money trying to either upgrade your membership or buying an extra week, why not investigate other Exchange Companies first?

There are a high percentage of timeshare owners who belong to more than one Exchange Company. Request a list of Exchange Companies, check out the different Exchange Companies and see if one is worth exploring further - you may be pleasantly surprised!  Some are free to join and have no annual subscriptions. Their rules may be better suited to your current ownership and how you wish to holiday. Find Out.

Do your homework about your Exchange Company and understand the key areas that can make their system work for you.

"Can we belong to more than one Exchange Company?"

  • Yes! If you are a weeks owner of timeshare, you have the right to use any service you want or even exchange on your own with other individuals.6)

Be sure to do your homework with the Exchange Companies. Understand the key areas that can make their systems work for you.

You will find that your resort is usually affiliated to either RCI or Interval International, but you can also join any of the other Independent Exchange Company. It is then up to you to decide who you deposit your week with.

  • Some Exchange Companies enable you to request first before depositing your week....So if the resort or area you desire is not available you can request for availability with a different Exchange Company... They may have something suitable.

Some of these Independent Exchange Companies don't have a membership fee so it makes them quite economical to be used alongside your RCI or II membership. Some members may join and hardly ever use another Exchange Company but feel it's a great addition. They may just use the bonus weeks. (We will be covering that in another guide)

It's all about working the systems to get the best return you can to fulfill your holiday requirements.

  • Check out our list of suggested Exchange Companies who might offer you additional options.

*Remember... It’s important to the industry that they have happy, contented timeshare owners. As it will assist them to promote the benefits of timeshare to a wider audience of non-timeshare owners. Some will likely be your family and friends if you are a happy owner.

**As a happy owner you will be more inclined to share your holiday experiences with those you love and care about.

  • There are timeshare resorts in over 100 countries. Don’t close yourself off to just countries you are already familiar with. Each holiday can be an adventure!

With timeshare resorts in around a hundred countries. Don’t limit yourself to only the countries you are already familiar with. Make each holiday a memorable adventure!

"We just can’t seem to get the holiday we want regardless of what we do!"

  • This can be a challenge if you are at a point in life, for example, where you have children. You are then working around school holidays. It could also be that you are caught in a career that is a big priority at this stage of your life and you have to work around that priority. It maybe that you have a special anniversary you want to plan, so specific dates are important, or you may want to holiday at a popular area or resort. The Solution is to place your request early.

The above is why we said earlier "treat your holidays like a mini project"

Obviously, it is not going to work if you request your holiday during prime time and only a couple of months before your holiday date. So always request early in these situations.

We find that the majority of timeshare owners who have difficulty exchanging are simply not working the exchange system effectively. This difficulty can be overcome by following the simple rules we have highlighted above.

We have sat down with thousands of timeshare owners, over the years and discovered that a high percentage of timeshare owners who experience exchange difficulties may not have been shown properly how to exchange when they purchased their timeshare.

It is fair to say that for someone new to timeshare there is a lot to take on board in a presentation and there may be those, particularly the elderly, who become overwhelmed by it all. Unfortunately, the main emphasis for the Timeshare Representative, on the day, is getting the sale. (There ideally needs to be an after-care service to ensure that the timeshare owner is really capable of working the system.)

  • The majority who experience problems exchanging usually try to "wing it" rather than wading through the rules on how to make best use of the Exchange Companies. Don`t “wing it!!” Do your homework... You only have to do it once!

The problem above is one of the main reasons why some timeshare owners want to sell their timeshare. They blame the Exchange Company when they can’t get the exchange they want at a specific resort or time.

(However, the same availability problems would apply with any Travel Agency if you requested a stay at a specific hotel at short notice.)

*This Guide is based on the writings of Timeshare Weekly and the Forum is grateful for the permission of the author.