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Sell Your Timeshare


Probably the most asked question by some mature owners must be: "How do I sell the timeshare I no longer use”???

This may well also apply to selling your Lodge, Caravan or your second home or indeed even your home?

The solution to your unwanted timeshare?

This area has been researched extensively regarding selling or disposing of unwanted timeshares. We firmly believe that there are people out there who would happily like to own your timeshare or property IF they knew the benefits to them.

You have to be in a position to ensure that you are using the best options available to you to be able to put this opportunity in front of your new potential owner. 

To this end we have an exciting and most effective way forward that we believe will revolutionise not only the resale of timeshares but any property!

Why is this unique? Because we can now reach specific markets that could be more receptive to owning your timeshare. You are also no longer in the dark wondering what enquires you have had, as you will get instant notification. No longer will the salesperson or ‘legal’ advisor be asking for large sums up front. This can work for you regardless of the property you have to sell that could be timeshare, caravan, lodge or your house for example.

There is a simple step-by-step procedure that you will be walked through and supported. This does not require anyone to personally sell as the method will be shown which does this for you.

To enable you to consider what other options there are in the market place we are providing a guide to selling timeshare. This will ensure you cut out the time wasting exercises and money costing processes that timeshare and property owners go through in order to try and sell their product.

If after reading the guide you would wish to get more information on this exciting, new and unique, versatile selling and purchasing platform. Simply ensure that you provide us with details of what you may wish to sell or dispose of. Timeshare, Lodge, caravan or your property and you will be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of the options we can offer from what are the only consumer led solutions in the current marketplace.

Have you at any time asked yourself the following questions?

  1. How can I avoid being scammed while trying to sell?
  1. I own Timeshare in the USA. I know that it is treated as Real Estate. What does this mean to me? How can I sell my timeshare safely? What are the options?
  1. I receive cold calls on a regular basis about selling my Timeshare/property. How do they get my details? How can I make them go away?
  1. Should I use a Re-Sale Company, broker, estate agent? What questions and checks should I make to ensure my Property is given the best opportunity to sell with a particular Company?
  1. The internet is full of Re-Sale Companies offering to sell Timeshare. Just Google ‘how to sell timeshare’ and there are hundreds of websites. They all seem to want my contact details or arrange a meeting. They all look the same, how do I know what’s best for me? Are there any alternative ways to sell my Timeshare?
  1. How can I value my Timeshare or property in the second hand market?
  1. Will my resort sell my Timeshare for me? Or will they be playing a lip service to this? What questions should I be asking?
  1. Could I sell my Timeshare on EBay and how is this achieved?
  1. How could I promote my Timeshare to friends and personal contacts? How can I do this without feeling uncomfortable with people I may know?
  1. Can I just hand back my Timeshare to my resort? Are there any repercussions?
  1. I have been offered a part-exchange for my Timeshare as long as I join another Timeshare/holiday club. What questions should I be asking?
  1. There are Companies cold calling me or Companies on the Internet requesting my contact details. They usually request that I attend a Timeshare sales meeting which will probably end up with me having to join something else or part with more cash!

Once you have read the guide you will be able to make an informed decision as to your best way forward. We believe this guide well may save you time and money. We firmly believe if there is the right marketing in front of the right people there are those that would happily consider owning your timeshare or property IF they knew the benefits to them.

The question is still, are there any other alternatives that I can consider when selling my Timeshare? Find out more and register here to get your free guide

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