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We are a group of timeshare owners who have been using timeshare for many years. The lack of independent timeshare forums where you can freely ask questions made us take the step to start this new,strictly consumer led timeshare forum.

Timeshare benefits millions of people throughout the world and most are happy with their timeshare. Within this forum we will be creating useful timeshare guides to help you get the most out of your timeshare products.

Want to learn more about bonus weeks and exchange companies? We will be sharing our knowledge so you can get the most out of your timeshare using the explanations within our guides and we will be here to answer any questions you may have.

Thinking of selling your timeshare? Don’t get trapped by a scam company that has a ‘buyer’ for you or a get out program. They rarely work! We are here to help. You just need to ask.

Considering buying a timeshare? Which one should I purchase resale or new? Register and ask one of our experts. We also have the guides to help you.

To access our guides which we are adding to all the time, you will have to register to the forum this enables us to give you the best experience. The forums and all the timeshare guides are free to access and we won't be charging in the future. To register with our forums, we don’t ask for much information, just a name and an email address, these will never be sold or passed on.

Our aim is to make you feel part of a team. We are open to ideas on how to improve this timeshare forum. Have an idea? Send us an email via the contact form or private message helpmate1. If you want to share any advice just create a new topic under the relevant heading.

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If you find our guides helpful, then please let your timeshare or holiday friends know. Let’s try and make this site help everyone who is interested in timeshare.


Charlie1, Mavo