What makes Timeshare Users Forum different to any other ‘Timeshare Forum’ already established on the web?

Let’s start by saying we are one of very few independent Timeshare forums.By this we mean that we cover all timeshare and do not concentrate on one specific area of timeshare or one single developer or resort We have started this forum to try and help timeshare users get the best out of their product and avoid scams. We ourselves have been timeshare users for many years.

We love the products but dislike the way certain companies on the fringes of timeshare mislead people. There are many scams about helping you part with your money. So many of these fringe companies offer a ‘good track record’ in selling your unwanted timeshare, but then just do nothing to promote the sale of it.
Make no mistake.
If we ever come across a reseller who we consider to be giving you value for money then we will be shouting their name from the rooftops.

The forum is free and always will be. You get access to very knowledgeable people who know Timeshare products and personally use them. Other forums also let you sign up for free and ask questions. However these can be heavily vetted and any statements that are considered negative about one of their companies or their interests are deleted and the poster is banned. Our timeshare forum is open. Ask a controversial question and providing it’s not copyrighted material, spam, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes or solicitations then your posts will never be deleted. We are not affiliated to any resorts or bodies which allows us to be honest and tell the truth!

Our Timeshare forum is the only one which provides our registered users with free helpful Timeshare guides. You can get an example of the quality with our sample guide. These guides are being constantly expanded and updated to keep you informed and they range from Timeshare in retirement to exchanging and using bonus weeks.

We take internet security seriously. Our site has been built using the latest secure technology and uses https which encrypts your data to the highest level making your browsing safe. You can see this as many web browsers use the address bar to tell you that the connection is secure, often by colouring the background or by showing a locked padlock.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new registrants and hope you find the timeshare users forum of great help so that you can get the most out of your Timeshare products.

Charlie1 and mavo