Why do we say "an industry in denial"?

Well, with so many tales of people being blatantly lied to in sales pitches and then being disappointed to be told afterwards by their developers that what was said by a sales agent will not be honoured unless they were given it in writing! This seems to me to be a case in point for the view that timeshare is "an industry in denial" and if it were an individual it would be referred to a "shrink" for self harming.

That said is there light at the end of the tunnel?

With so many Facebook sites emerging where the concentration of pressure being brought to bear is directed at individual developers it is difficult to know what effect this pressure has on the timeshare industry in general. So it is refreshing to see internet sites whose concentration is not just reserved for individual developers but sites that report on problems within the whole timeshare industry. The Diamond Resorts Owners Advocacy Group is one such group. Whilst it began as a lobby point for Diamond Resorts Owners it has quickly evolved and now covers many different developers and it has collected many legal and timeshare savvy contributors along the way. Is this the way forward for consumers? After all it is not just individual developer companies that are in denial of the problems and consumer mistrust that their upselling methods are creating. Most of the timeshare industry seems to be in denial of the bad selling practices.

Facebook sites are all well and good but topics quickly disappear off the front end pages never to resurface unless the self same subject is repeated by someone creating a new topic. Similarly blog sites are equally restrictive as it is one persons comments or views and more often than not it is not debatable. This is the reason we have created timeshareusersforum.com so that content and participation is enabled with topics which can be easily found and contributed to because they will not quickly disappear from the front end and are placed in logical areas where they are readily visible at a click of your mouse. You can post about individual resorts, developers or any other matter or the timeshare industry in general. The main thing is that it has been designed so that it has the capability of covering the whole industry of timeshare and it will become a point of pressure in the fullness of time but it is up to you to make it so.

As a consumer led site it is free for you to use as timeshare consumers and it will evolve as you dictate. Your valid comments will not be suppressed and deleted providing you stay within the Ts & Cs. So please use it and enjoy. timeshareusersforum.com

Charlie1 and mavo