Lets start by looking at why timeshare can become a no longer required product. There are many and varied reasons but high on the list must come the age of the users. Indeed many older owners may be classed as former users, having failed to use their week or weeks for many years yet still having to pay annual maintenance fees. Also high on the list must be those who no longer use their weeks because of developing long term illness or disabilities. Disabilities can happen to us at any stage of our lives and affect our ability or motivation to travel. Maintenance fees must still be paid annually. Others fall on hard times and can no longer use their weeks or afford the annual maintenance fees, so they look to sell. Now this is where the big problem lies.

Apparently. Nobody..and I mean Nobody, in resale at present knows how to sell, how to promote, how to advertise and on top of that we have the poor reputation that timeshare has developed over many years by not moving with the times, simply relying on past glories and the we've got em and we are keeping em mentality. So those growing numbers who are left with products they can no longer use become vociferous with their criticisms of an industry entrenched in the past and the negative publicity grows ever louder.
We have, in our first few guides shown how it is possible for some of the above categories of would be sellers to continue using their timeshares, albeit in a different manner to what they have become used to and we hope that by doing so we have opened some peoples eyes to a way of continuing to use their weeks in order to get some value out of the annual fees they are required to pay.

What prompted this blog, was something I read very recently where a lady had spent £300 with a resale company in 12 months and not achieved a sale of her unwanted product despite "a lot of interest being shown" (prompting an offer for a further passage of advertising at half price) "A lot of interest being shown" by whom? Obviously not by anybody looking to buy such a product. Which prompts the thought, are resellers reaching the right audiences and more to the point do they really care if they are reaching the right audiences if a failed one year advertising campaign leads to a further influx of money for nothing into their coffers?

Given the right tools, I am sure that would be sellers could do a far better job themselves of accomplishing a sale. After all they know their product far better than any resale agent.

Charlie1 and mavo