One of the problems I have about blogsites and blogs is that as a general rule a blog is just one mans view or interpretation. That view or interpretation may not be right or correct in its content and so it may be open to discussion, debate or argument. If misinformation is relayed in a blog how can it possibly be corrected without the misinformation being pointed out? Should the blogger choose to ignore the refuting or rebuttal of something they have written in their blog then nothing can be done about it other that resorting to threats of bringing the laws of the land to bear.

Why am I writing this now some may ask?

Part of my role, as I see it, is to keep abreast of current events in and around the world of timeshare. This I do for the benefit of consumers of timeshare, be they past, present or future. So keeping up to date with blogsites likely to have content in and around the world of timeshare is a part of my daily routine.

In the last couple of days I have been reading that a blogsite put an article out in January 2016 which seemed to say that all developers who were members of RDO were obliged to allow owners to hand back their timeshares on reaching the age of 70, should they wish to do so. This information seems to have been incorrect but has only just been corrected in the last couple of days resulting in the misinformation being up on the internet for around a couple of months short of 2 years. If that information had be put out on a forum then I feel sure that it would have been spotted and questioned/corrected much sooner than the 22 months that it has taken to rectify the information. This is exactly why we created this free and open to consumers forum site so that things in and around timeshare can not only be posted but can be commented on, discussed and debated openly and if necessary misinformation can be highlighted and corrected quickly.