Further to our recent blog titled Why a Forum and not a blogsite?

Under normal circumstances with a blogsite the right to reply is strictly limited because if the blogger decides not to publish any replies they receive to their blogs then that would be the end of it and it would be as far as it went.

With forums you have the right to reply providing that your reply is acceptable within the terms and conditions of the forum that you as registered users have agreed to adhere to.

Our blogsite is slightly different in that all registered users who have been accepted to our free forum are able to respond and reply to any of our blogs by simply starting a New Topic in the appropriate areas of the forums. Simply put in the subject header of the blog that you wish to respond to and then post your comments in the writing area provided. This is one of the many reasons that we believe that forums such as this are a far better source of information. Participation and the sharing of experiences and knowledge are far easier to access via forums than a blogsite, the control of which is very much at the behest of the blogger, who dictates what you should see and learn.

*We have now taken this a step further and you can now comment directly about a blog by posting your comments in the Leave a comment box we have created below.each blog.