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I have had shock

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  • I have had shock

    For the last three weeks I have been in hospital having a leg artery bypass. They took out my artery and as it was basically in good condition cleaned it out turned it round and put it back I am cut from crutch to ankle it is amazing what they can do. The thing that I had the shock about was diabetes I do not have it but many in the ward did in the first week there I only saw three people walk out with two legs the ward had about fourteen beds most had lost limbs you read about diabetes but I did not realize how many people were losing limbs because of it. I had problems after my operation and had to go back into the operating theatre while waiting to go back I was between two people who had lost legs and I was petrified that the same was going to happen to me but luckily when I woke up I was okay. This has made me more aware of the disease it is not just taking tablets or sugar levels etc it is a dangerous disease that I am going to make sure I do not get
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    We all at the Timeshareusersforum wish you a speedy and total recovery and are glad to hear that you are now on the mend Lawnmower75.


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      I wish you a speedy and full recovery Lawnmower75


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        Good luck on your recovery From a long term type 1 diabetic ( 50plus years)

        ps I still have both legs
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