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A satirical view on Timeshare Conferences

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  • A satirical view on Timeshare Conferences

    A meeting of The Cheese Board was called by The Big Cheese for the purpose of reviewing the last annual conference and making plans for the next one.

    Big Cheese invited comments and Stinking Bishop expressed his opinion that the last one with the theme of "simply talking about problems" was a great success as it nicely led into what could be expected to be another year of inactivity.

    All the Agreeable Cheeses were only too happy to agree with this view as Big Cheese could be seen to be nodding his head.

    Big Cheese then turned to Insignificant Cheddar and asked him for his views. Insignificant Cheddar then said, to much surprise.
    "I think the next conference should be themed" "Lets not just talk lets act"
    Stinking Bishop said "Woah there" "That could be highly dangerous"
    "Would we not be biting the hand that feeds us"?
    I have a better idea for a theme tag line... Why not use "Dipping A Toe Into The Abyss" Then the following year we can use "Placing A Foot Into The Abyss"
    The following year we could have "Falling Into The Abyss" and finally we could have "Being Consumed By The Abyss"
    Big Cheese said. "Can you talk about this between yourselves while I take a comfort break" and left the room.
    5 minutes later Big Cheese re entered and said. "Well that`s all sorted then. I have booked the venue, organised the theme to be "Dipping A Toe Into The Abyss" and by the time we have got to "Being Consumed By The Abyss that will take us nicely up to the end of our 5 year plan and my retirement". "All in favour" at which all the Agreeable Cheeses raised their hands and bowed to Big Cheese.
    Insignificant Cheddar shouted "That takes the biscuit I resign" and Big Cheese said "Resignation unanimously accepted" before saying "The Cheese Board looks a little thin on Agreeable Cheeses I shall organize some more asap. Meeting closed"