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    Very quiet yesterday with hardly ever more than a dozen members and guests viewing. Today however seems a bit busier with over 40 visitors at present.
    Different topics being viewed,some old some new. Not much news of any note to be posted though. It is like the lull before the storm...or the next storm!

    *We do seem to be far busier than others though.

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    At one time today I noticed over 50 visiting IPSs were browsing. Some would be *bots such as google etc but lots of topics are being read by visitors and members. Other forums seem to be very quiet by comparison. Blog sites are a different matter. We cannot give any data on them as there is no information on how many visits they get.

    * A bot is an automated application used to perform simple and repetitive tasks that would be time-consuming, mundane or impossible for a human to perform.


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      Just had a look and there are 58 browsers visiting this site at the moment. So fairly busy in comparison to others.

      Seventeen separate topics were being looked at. So we must be putting something of interest on from time to time. We could just do with a few more people posting comments on current topics or people creating new topics.
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        Plenty of guests on our site this week. During the day we always attract at least 20 guests and often, at certain periods, many more come on for a browse.

        Elsewhere guests and members reading other forums are very thin on the ground with one forum only having 3 guests on at any one time today and I was obviously one of them, as there was 2 others on when I looked.


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          Close to Noon now on Sunday 8th March and just now there were over 30 guests on reading a variety of topics.
          It must be raining everywhere!


          • KEITH HURST
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            30 GUEST,S is good but 30 (MORE)members would be even better
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          I fully understand what you are saying Keith.
          Unfortunately we are led by events and so, at present, we have to be reactive as opposed to proactive, so this does not help posters to come up with topics of interest.
          Things change very slowly in the timeshare industry as developers cling on to past methods and outdated practices.
          It does not seem to matter what we as consumers know needs to change. The developers remain entrenched in the past because it worked for them way back then.
          Deep down they know that they will have to change at some time but they are putting off the event because they cannot see a change in practices that will benefit them and they have in the past always only make changes for their benefit.

          The other problem is the following:

          "Fear of change is the greatest enemy of progress."

          In consequence.
          It does not make much difference how many members we have if they never post. This is the difficulty of all forums, lots of members but few who participate by posting anything. From time to time I find it difficult to find something to post about so others must find it even more so.
          We have quite a healthy membership which keeps growing but most come on here and join in order to learn something from our Guides or to find somewhere to turn to if they have problems with their timeshare ownership.

          I well remember timesharetalk and the few contributors that ever posted on there despite having a huge number of registered users.

          The main objective of this site is to provide helpful information around timeshare and its fringes.
          We can only do this by providing quality content.

          We do have a lighter side and find and post bits of humour from time to time and we would never discourage it but whilst the timeshare industry is hanging in this limbo state we have no wish to diversify away from the main aim which is timeshare consumer information.


          • KEITH HURST
            KEITH HURST commented
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            Please do not think that I am knocking this forum just expressing a little wishful thinking I note and accept your very true comments

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          Never thought for one minute that you were knocking the forum Keith.
          We never know quite what the future holds and once that future becomes more clear we may well do more to attract more contributions from registered users.
          The forum is not totally open to all.
          For instance the latest post from Sunseeker can only be viewed by members and it is a quite enlightening and may be a look into what the future holds for timeshare.
          Guests will not even know it is there!


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            Very quiet with guests at present. 10.00am
            This forum does not have the coronairus and is checked regularly for any other viruses

            Quiet this morning but the site has got busier as the day progressed with over 40 people viewing at the moment
            Various topics being looked at. 4.00pm

            Quite a busy day yesterday (Saturday) with lots of topics being viewed and read at various times of the day.
            The most I ever saw on at any one time was just under 50

            A few on at the moment noon Sunday but most are just lurking so probably bots.
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              Never ever seen as many guests viewing our forums. Usually there are around 50 at the busiest time. Today at just before 4.00pm on 30th April there are around 80 guests viewing various topics or lurking around the site.
              ** It rose to 87 a few mins ago.

              Unfortunately unless they register and are accepted for membership they are unable to view Industry News where the most important and interesting posts are placed.
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                5.45pm on Sunday 3rd May and we have 40 guests viewing the forums. Various topics being read as usual..


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                  Lots of different topics being looked at by our guests this morning at 11.00.

                  No registered members viewing though so nobody looking at the Industry News that the guests are unable to see.