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Where will the next consumer scam come from?

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  • Where will the next consumer scam come from?

    We await with interest to see where the next scam will come from.
    These people are very ingenious and seem to be able to latch on like leeches to any opportunity.
    The new version of windows 10 is causing users a few problems, as did the version before that and other previous versions.
    So we get phone calls from the scammers promising to fix it for us. They want to access our computers and steal from us.

    I just wonder what scam will raise its head in the topic of the day! Coronavirus.
    It will no doubt revolve around moving monies into a safer bank because yours is now unsafe in some way.
    Rubbish of course but somebody will fall for it.

    Will people offer to rid you of your car and pay you next to nothing for it?
    As you don`t want that "Car Owner Virus." Yes. Some people are gullible enough. And there is a lot of them about.
    You only have to see that sales of the Mexican Lager have dropped through the floor because it is called Corona.

    What does anybody want with 200 rolls of toilet paper ? What ever did we do before toilet paper became available?
    Ok I know that newspapers are not as popular as they once were because of the internet but you cannot wipe your bum on your computer.
    Whatever did we do before antiseptic wipes were introduced to the supermarket shelves?
    Sales of scrubbing brushes and bleach are no longer what they once were. We have these non biodegradable wipes to clog up the sewers instead of newspaper which dissolved over time. Less bleach and detergents going into the sewers means more clogging up of the sewer systems.

    Scammers look for things that are at the forefront of peoples mind then they prey on them with some new scam. So stay safe and if you are cold called about something that is the current headline of the news. Think! Think! Think! and do your homework. They don`t just work with timeshare.
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