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Is our way of dealing with Corona virus worse than any other country

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  • Is our way of dealing with Corona virus worse than any other country

    A lot of blame is being put on the government about there way of doing things but looking at looking at foreign newspapers we are no different to the way other countries are dealing with it. I think why we are having so many problems is the amount of people in the uk. We have a population of 68 million living in total uk size of 93410 sq miles with a density of population being 727 to sq mile. France has a population of 65 million size 211413 sq miles and a population of 309 to sq mile. Spain has a population of 47 million size is 192588 sq miles and population density 243 to sq mile With these facts it show we are doing better than other countries the facts are that we have to many people living here on a small island. One other thought is that approx. 36000 thousand people have had or got covid so that leaves approx 67and a half million of us to get it Hope someone has got some happy holiday news

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    I could not agree more Brian. It is all down to population density and though authorities will not say so it is also down to family density and we have to accept that the Asian communities in England have a greater family density per household than the rest of us which is why we have been seeing the spikes of infections in the towns and cities that we have. I have argued with a friend who lives in Tenerife that population density has a huge part to play but he believes otherwise and nothing I say will make him change his mind. He also says that we in the UK suffer more covid deaths pro rata than Spain but he does not realise that once someone has tested positive for covid over here and they subsequently die of something else like cancer, diabetis, heart attack or even a road accident it is recorded over here as a covid related death and is included in our figures. The other scenario is that death outside hospital requires a post mortem unless the doctor bypasses it by calling it a covid death, thus resulting in highly inflated covid death figures here in the UK.