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Before the Internet

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  • Before the Internet

    Whatever did our parents used to do before the internet and video games etc?
    I asked my 18 brothers and sisters and they didn`t know either.

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    It is easy to see what your parents used to do. We had the internet not long after it started it was 56k modem on a telephone line before broadband was even talked about at first it was like looking at oracle or Ceefax a lot of information with no interaction did not have a clue how to use it but muddled through we had email but did not have anyone to mail you still had to write or phone for anything you wanted to buy as the webpages had no way to order or pay but that has now improved there was no eBay Facebook or anything like that the kids were no use showing us as they had as much knowledge as us there were no computers in schools My wife went for a job as she worked on computers she started with punch cards then punched tape at the job interview she was told there was a software job by this well known agency but they did not now what soft toys had to do with computers Before internet we had Tv vhs recorders and LP records the video shops and the off-licence and I think we were happy
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      Those days were a little before my time Lawnmower. Mavo once mentioned how he used to enjoy going to work by horse and cart. No problems in those golden days.


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        Horse and Cart!!! Young uns can be so cheeky! Local copper has not given you enough clips round the ear young lad.


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          It so long ago i cannot remember for fun but i do remember queen vicoria getting crowned.