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Latest update re the letting of private apartments in tourist areas of The Canaries.

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  • Latest update re the letting of private apartments in tourist areas of The Canaries.

    December: The Canarian Government’s tourism department has said it will revise its Vivienda Vacacional Decree to bring it into line with a ruling from the Supreme Court that it cannot ban the registration of private residential apartments for holiday lets in tourist areas. The judgment confirms a ruling to the same effect by the High Court in May. The newly redrafted decree was already in its consultative process, so how much longer this revision of the redraft will take is unclear, as is the conditions Turismo will think it appropriate to impose on owners who will now have to be allowed to let out in direct competition with the hoteliers and the timeshare developers, who rent out some of their apartments to the general public allegedly at the expense and inconvenience of their loyal members.

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    These forums have generated a topic about this situation some time ago and it was fairly obvious then as to where the opposition to private lets would be coming from. However it now seems that the local governments in the Canaries have accepted that the Supreme Court`s rulings will have to be adhered to in some way shape or form and that the Hoteliers and Developers only course of action will be to now water down the legislation and make it difficult for the private owners to operate and no doubt negative tactics around health and safety and disabilities provisions will be brought in to play. No doubt there will be other pressures brought to bear on local governments by the strong lobby of Hoteliers and Developers representatives, whose only opposition will come from a very loose collective of private landlords.
    So It is still a case of wait and see and it is likely that further delaying tactics will be brought to play before there is a workable solution obtained.
    Why will the Hoteliers and Developers be so determined to throw spanners in the works of this forthcoming legislation? The answer is simple. Competition.
    Competition keeps the status quo and it good for the consumers as it forces progress and quality of service. It means that Hoteliers and Developers will not be allowed to stand still in order to generate their profits but will have to work in order to compete with other players in the market. It means that local Restaurants and Bars will benefit from more customers as a smaller percentage of tourists will be staying “all inclusive.” It means that Hoteliers and Developers will have to compete on price for the general public tourists and that Timeshare Members will once again become valued as customers and not just cash cows to be cast aside for better short term prospects.