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Do you think that you`ve made a mistake?

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  • Do you think that you`ve made a mistake?

    Newcomers to our site? What can you expect?
    Can you expect to find exits to your no longer wanted timeshares?
    The answer is No. We cannot help you to simply exit your timeshare and the financial obligations it brings. What we can do is to get you to question whether you are making best use of what you bought. Some people buy on total impulse and then regret the purchase immediately without trying to find out the positives of their purchase. Some are pressured into purchasing by slick sales presentations where every objection you have is countered very effectively. Some buy without thinking if the product fits their lifestyles. Some are worn down by long presentations and sign up thinking that they can simply cancel a few days later only to find that the barriers to cancelling quickly are made as insurmountable as possible by some developers.

    I used to visit a scrap metal dealer whose Rhodesian Ridgeback would let you in to the premises with a wagging tail but he would hell as let you out without the owner`s permission. This is the case with many timeshare developers. They will let you in with friendly wagging tails but you just try to get out!

    Now back to timeshares you see as not suiting your lifestyles. Generally this is a myth as timeshare can be tailored to suit your lifestyles. It is just that people do not do their homework and learn how to use the product to its full potential.

    As a fictional example. You are John Doe you are UK based and foolishly on a visit to the USA you bought a timeshare. It was not exactly as the salesman sold you (they never are) you were lied to and so you want out. It does not suit your lifestyle as you cannot see yourself going all the way over the pond every year just to use it, so you want out. You are disillusioned and so you just want out.
    Sorry John Doe. It aint gonna happen without a lot of pain and a myriad of scam companies to wade through and possibly a fair bit of financial pain also.
    So what can you do John? Well you can sit and wait for legislation to take place that allows you to exit painlessly (you could be in for a long wait).
    You could try to find a buyer but from afar this would be very difficult and could take a long time.
    Meanwhile what are you going to do about your holidays John? Are you going to stop taking them? No of course not, you will continue to take holidays as it is a reward for many months of toil and it`s good to get away from everyday life for a short break or two each year. So what is the answer?
    The answer is to use what you have got. Put your timeshare, be it points or weeks into an Exchange Company and exchange your timeshare so you can access holidays here in the UK or in Europe or virtually anywhere in the world. You do not have to exchange it every year if you do not want to but at least you can make it fit your lifestyle and not have to pay out vast hotel bills in order to take a well earned break.
    Our comprehensive Exchange Guides are designed to let you get the best out of what you have and the fact that your timeshare product is sullied by initial disappointment should not prevent you from taking what can be excellent value out of it.