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Our views on relinquishing timeshares

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  • Our views on relinquishing timeshares

    We note that yesterday there was a bit of a spat on a much used American Facebook page which is dedicated to pressurising developers into making changes to the selling practices that some, not all, of their sales people employ far too often.
    The writer of Inside Timeshare, a Gran Canarian blog site became involved in this and today they have put up a blog criticising forums who advocate the use of withdrawing the payment of maintenance fees as a means of owners relinquishing timeshare products. Their argument being that it can be a dangerous policy to pursue thus making the advocates of such policies possibly irresponsible. http://insidetimeshare.com/ Jan 23rd 2019

    Unfortunately because the forums thus criticised are not named it could be assumed, by some, that we are one such forum site. This assumption would be incorrect and as we are visited on a daily basis by many guests who we allow to view all but one of our forum areas without membership we would like to make our current policies clear. We do not, never have and probably never will advocate not paying maintenance fees and any posts advocating such a policy will be removed and appropriate action taken against the poster.
    We are a forum dedicated to trying to provide timeshare consumers with the best possible ways of using their timeshare products. We accept that there are timeshare users who for various reasons no longer want to be involved in timeshare. It is generally recognised and accepted that over 85% of timeshare owners are happy with their product and appreciate the value they take in holidays from their ownership but we are also aware of the other possible 15 percent who are unhappy, disillusioned, in ill health, financially constrained etc.etc. For these people we believe in trying to find positive solutions to their dilemmas.
    We believe that there are those who do not wish to continue with their ownerships who have not thought out the problem thoroughly. They do not want to pay their maintenance fees, which generally work out at around £600 per week in annual fees. This is for an apartment of quality which will sleep 4 or even 6 people. Once they are no longer in timeshare are they going to stop taking holidays? No of course not. So what will they do? Find a hotel for 6 for £600 per week?
    In Europe we are allowed to book holidays for guests who could be friends, family or acquaintances so for those who can no longer use or afford their timeshare products the solution is simple. Book your products out to your friends, family or acquaintances and ask that they make a pro rata payment to your maintenance fees. They get a holiday at a far cheaper rate than they would pay at a hotel and you lose nothing.
    We recognise that at the corporate end of timeshare not all is as we would wish for but risking your credit worthiness and reputation by not paying your dues and demands is just not worth it.
    We do not at present recommend any release agencies and until such times as we find one who we have 100% confidence in we will not be doing so. They would have to prove to us without any doubt that they produce what they say they are capable of and they must do so in what we consider to be a timely and financially fair manner.

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    While I can understand some but not all of the comments in the above posting I am deeply sadden by it I had hoped that I had found a forum that had the interest of Timeshare owners at its heart. The tone of many of its postings however seems to glorify the timeshare industry only. This may explain its low membership. I find it hard to accept that 85% of timeshare owners are fully satisfied with an industry that treats its customers as nothing more than cash cows to be prayed on
    I feel that the industry is for the most part to be totally without any morals this of course includes the people who claim to be able to release you from the burden offering false hope at a very high price, I feel very strongly that the industry must be changed as in theory timeshare is good but in practise it fails badly, I hope the forum will accept this posting as an honest explanation of my views and not delete it
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      Thank you for your response Mr Hurst.
      The first thing I feel that I must point out regarding this thread is that there is nowhere in the initial post that I say that 85% of users are fully satisfied with the industry.
      What I do try to point out is the futility of wasting what is good in what can prove for many to be a futile and costly effort to rid themselves of what they see as a burden. People can still utilise the products whilst exploring avenues of exit and I have tried to highlight a very simple way of doing so which benefits themselves, their families and friends etc.
      With regards to the value of what users have bought I can only advise them to look at the financial aspect of holidays outside timeshare and I did not even bother to write about the uncertainty of what they let themselves in for on other types of holiday as Rip Off Britain is more than capable of highlighting that aspect. That said I cannot recollect ever seeing anything negative on that program about the standard of accommodation on offer at any timeshare resort.
      We have published many Guides on here in an effort to help people get best value from what they bought into and indeed what some people believe they are stuck with. The time and effort taken to do so was taken by our writers in an effort to improve consumers use of timeshare.
      Many people have made every effort to change what is bad and ugly in timeshare. All have so far failed and will continue to fail until someone comes up with the unlikely solution which suits both users and developers or government bodies get involved and make the changes that are necessary in order to create better and fairer timeshare contracts. We for our part have written to or consulted with the European Commission, MEP`s, Cabinet Ministers in Westminster, local MP`s Citizens Advice.
      So you are completely wrong with your assumptions of a bias towards timeshare. All I am doing in this thread is trying to help people enjoy what they have or are stuck with rather than waste it.

      * Please read the next post in Industry News (this is already written and awaiting publication)


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        Not the response I expected and a little strong did I hit a nerve this is the first time I have been refered to as MR HURST I have always been addressed as Keith before. You and I have had different history with timeshare but that dosnt make my views any less valid.
        Also my comments were wider than this posting I.look forward to the article with interest.