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Consumer Pressure

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  • Consumer Pressure

    We have to look at how effective consumer pressure is and many will conclude that so far, along the years, consumers have been very ineffectual in bringing about beneficial changes to timeshare via voluntary change or enforced change through Directives or Legislation.
    We have to ask ourselves why this is. Why have we been so ineffectual in our efforts to date?
    Outmanoeuvred is not only difficult to spell it is difficult to overcome. Our efforts to date have come up against a very effective and professional lobby system built over many years by developers with power and influence. They have created a well trodden path to the doors of those legislators around the world who are capable of bringing about needed change to the industry of timeshare.
    I remember the situation when the Timeshare Directive in Europe was given a second review by the European Commission and supposedly, consumers were consulted. Those consumers were allegedly provided by TATOC, an organisation since disbanded and discredited as puppets of the developers.
    We heard that at this review there were around 100 European consumers consulted and yet given the huge percentage of UK timeshare consumers only 5 from the UK were said to have been selected for consultation. No names of these "fabulous five" have ever been published so we are unable to research whether they spoke for the consumers or maybe someone else. In any event the legislators gave the developers carte blanche to continue policing themselves however they saw fit.
    So where does it leave us the customers and consumers?
    Well. Currently we are seeing much success in the courts, particularly in Spain where positive decisions seem to be taken on a daily basis on behalf of consumers and in some cases developers are being punished by being told they must pay back to consumers up to double the amounts involved plus costs.
    We have to hope that the favourable decision making emanating from Spain will eventually spread elsewhere and that finally the industry will be forced into providing fairer contracts.

    The word of warning here has to be that although there are many "wins" taking place there are also many losses and these come about by consumers making bad decisions as to who they choose to represent them should they wish to take the court route to exiting. Please make sure that you thoroughly research the company that you choose to represent you.

    This is timeshare. So believe without proof at your peril !!!