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floating weeks

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  • floating weeks

    In view of the recent ruling in the Florida court will floating weeks become unlawful
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    According to some reports, millions of $Dollars/£Pounds have been set aside by developers for such a time that Floating weeks and Points become declared as no longer being valued as a tangible asset as they cannot be attached to a specific building at a specific time. It is any ones guess how far around the world this decision will travel or if indeed it will become a part of timeshare legislation. Developers will fight tooth and nail against any such ruling so one way or another it will cost as there will be lawyers crawling all over this on behalf of developers and guess who will eventually finish up with their invoices?

    One thing is abundantly clear. Timeshare Developers have to review and seriously change their businesses and bring then into the present day. It is now the only way for the general user unrest to abate and I cannot now think of any way they can do so without accepting past poor performances.


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      Most industries would have licked there wounds come up with a new game plan and moved on . But not timeshare .Like that well known African bird it stands there unmoving with its head firmly buried in the sand

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    The wheels of progress are very very slow on this but it is understandable given the weight of influence that the Timeshare Industry has created via its many lobbyists and its backing of those elected into power and influence.
    We must remember how long bad practices have been going on to realize just how long a time it has taken the industry to create this safety fence around timeshare products. Only then can we realize why it is taking so long to breach that fence.