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Doing your homework

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  • Doing your homework

    Fraudsters abound around the timeshare industry so it pays to do your homework in order to avoid falling into the hands of the many fake helpers whose real purpose is to help themselves to your money. Do your own research on the internet and you will quickly come across negative comments on the many fakes out there. Fake lawyers working the secondary scam of getting you back monies from companies ho have previously scammed you seems to be the current `scam of the day`and you can avoid falling for this one by simply doing a search on https://insidetimeshare.com/ They list many of the fake lawyers on a weekly basis on there and you will also get some good tips on recognizing a scam before you part with your never to be seen again money.

    Half an hour research can save you thousands of pounds and a lot of heartache. So do not part with any monies without first having a bit of a search around.

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    This is certainly worth a read for some people who have been taken in by any of the Mark Rowe group of companies.
    New bona fide solicitors are said to have taken over the cases it seems. We shall have to wait and see if they are of any assistance.



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      More scammers being reported today on Inside Timeshare. "Working" the EZE group situation and promising to get the previously duped Leisure Club members to "Stand and Deliver" yet again.