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Bad news for ownwers at Club Paradiso

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  • Bad news for ownwers at Club Paradiso

    It seems that owners who have paid there maintenance are not getting there holidays

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    A disaster waiting to happen since they pulled out of RDO having decided that they were not able or willing to change their sales practices and abide by the RDO code of conduct.
    They had taken their practices and policies so far beyond the moral and legal expectations of even the RDO, developer bias self policing guidance, that they found themselves beyond the point of no return. So the captain and chief officers whisper abandon ship to each other and sod the rest of the crew and passengers.


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      The situation is really worrying, the lawyers at Silverpoint have waived their defense because they are neither paying them, nor paying attention to their legal advice. I think Silverpoint is going to collapse shortly and it's possible that Mr. Cushway ends up with his bones in jail.


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        More on this on inside timeshare today