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News about Silverpoint

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  • News about Silverpoint

    I see on https://insidetimeshare.com/ that Silverpoint have been moving money around trying not to pay people who have won their court cases against them it seems that the courts have taken out possession orders on apartments this is in local Canary newspapers

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    Yes there was a bit about this in last weeks local papers. The same thing was also being levelled at Anfi in as much as they were avoiding paying back monies to customers who had won cases against them.


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      Yes, what you mention is correct. In Silverpoint's case, we could say that they are "missing" and that all their assets have been transferred to third parties in a clear fraud to their creditors (clients). There are already criminal actions against Mark Cushway and company. With respect to Anfi, they are trying to put as many obstacles as possible so as not to pay or defer payment as much as they can. They are solvent and will finally pay.


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        It is a hope for all timeshare consumers that these awards are made to stick and do get paid. Developers practicing unfair selling and clearly one sided contracts should not be allowed to demand the signing of confidentiality contracts before they pay out on the mis selling that they have clearly failed for years to discourage. The confidentiality clauses are obviously designed to prevent other consumers from being warned about bad practice in the industry. They must obviously be with the intention of continuing with mis selling or the confidentiality clauses would have been discontinued.
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          More Silverpoints apartments taken into control by the courts according to inside timeshare today.


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            Silverpoints file for Bankruptcy.


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              Lots of bits of gossip flying around about a number of timeshare companies. Mainly the big hitters but unfortunately it is just gossip at the moment but the bit about the Silverpoints Bankruptcy does seem to be correct. Large numbers of court cases are being taken out in Spain and most seem to be going firmly against the developers so it is all a bit negative from their point of view.


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                More details of the Silverpoints situation in this weeks roundup today.



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                  This weeks mid week report on Inside Timeshare is possibly interesting news to some with a report on the Mark Rowe sites and who is looking after them now.