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  • Is there anyone there

    I member and 32 guests on line.. Beginning to feel very isolated can some member let me know that they are not figments of my imagination
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    I'm still here. Not much to report really in the world of timeshare. Brexit seems to have taken front of stage, so I suppose that's the reason it is so quiet. The other usual suspects are quiet too. Perhaps someone is waiting for the EU vs UK positioning to sort itself out. Once those issues are resolved I would suggest that it may be possible that UK timeshare users may be in a different position and not in the hands of a commission that has shown favourable bias towards developers and given scant regard to the long suffering elderly and often infirm consumers.


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      Nothing much to report over here on the canaries. Usual sites talking about Anfi, Silverpoints. Nothing good as usual. A bit of worry from the people who want to spend the winter over here as there is talk of a limit of 90 days only being allowed per annum. If Spain wants to shoot itself in the foot then that will happen. More likely to be fake news put out by someone as part of the upcoming scrap between Britain and those protectionists in Brussels.


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        I suppose the sunseeker news is somebody's idea of punishing Britain for Brexit. Speaking to someone about it yesterday who spends 6 months a year on holiday abroad, they laughed, explaining that the 8 to 10 grand per annum they spend abroad will simply be spent in Britain thus benefitting the british economy. Ultimately leading to the loss of jobs on the continent in the tourist industry. Good punishment for the UK. I dont think
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