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The current view of timeshare on the internet

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  • The current view of timeshare on the internet

    Having spent a few short weeks catching up on timeshare news on the internet I have found things to be very very quiet. All the usual blog sites and the timesharetalk forum have nothing of note to say. Ok we know that these sites are all being run by organisations who look to turn a profit out of the plight of the elderly timeshare users who now no longer wish to use or are incapable of using the timeshare that they bought years ago. These sites would normally jump on any opportunity to paint timeshare as black as possible but recently they seem to have concentrated on highlighting failures of scammers who do not have a blog site or forum.

    Why is this I wondered? Then I remembered that many large operators/developers have scaled back their sales operations. Have scaled back or have had to scale back?

    Because of the negative publicity generated by the internet it is my guess that sales have been so bad within timeshare that many commission only salespeople have decided to look for alternative employment as the huge commissions once earned have now dried up.

    So where do these former timeshare sales people turn up next ? They turn up as we got you in and now we are going to get you out salespeople.

    So just remember the lies they told you to get you in. So expect another set of lies to be told to you as they pretend they can get you out.