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Virus News from The Canaries

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  • Virus News from The Canaries

    Well we now have virtually compete lock down over here. If shopping for food just one of you is allowed in to supermarkets. You are asked to go straight there and back. No point in doing otherwise as everywhere else is closed. Restaurants, Pubs, ordinary shops, Beaches, Boat Trips. All stopped.
    Stupid idea at one Supermarket I visited. Only a dozen at a time are allowed in (by police) so everybody queues up which forces groups of people together waiting to go in. Once inside there are few people in there. As I say stupid, as people want food so they are forced to flock together and take the risk of joining a queue.

    Further news is that as from next Monday all Diamond Resorts in Spain will be closed. I think that is 12 in total, 3 on Costa Del Sol and 9 in The Canaries.
    As events unfold this will no doubt be reviewed.

    *All Hotels on The Costa Del Sol are now being ordered to close.

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    I did hear that as the Diamond Resorts in Spain are going to close as from Monday, that members will be asked to leave irrespective of whether they have booked for longer. They (it is being said) are being told to find somewhere else. I think that this could open up a real can of worms in the future as members may revolt against Timeshare Companies who for many moons appear to make counter consumer decisions whenever it suits them.