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Opportunity could occur at the end of all this.

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  • Opportunity could occur at the end of all this.

    We have to eventually look upon the present situation and recognise that in the future much more must be done to safeguard against this type of thing ever happening again. The NHS which has been badly run and underfunded through successive governments must now not just be better funded but must overhaul its structures and its relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. Emphasis on nursing and equipment and not management structures has to be the way forward.

    This is a severe wake up call for many countries and we have to hope that it will bring change for the better. Is it a chance to rid Britain of its tag as Rip Off Britain? We have to hope so and if it does lead to change then that change has to begin at the very top. Financial fairness has to be established and the greedy corporate structures have to be dismantled and wealth, or what we are left with, has to be proportioned more evenly.

    Will the above happen? Unlikely but we live in hope.

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    Your last line is the best we can hope for .But as a lifelong resident I can tell that it is very overcrowded district