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Laughter is the best medicine

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  • Laughter is the best medicine

    Just had an Email from Easyjet letting me know about available flights.

    Also had another one from someone trying to sell me a UV Flash torch "as it kills the virus."

    Not sure which gave me the biggest laugh.

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    This country always manages to find humour in a disaster I have seen postings one being that people who hoard toilet rolls and sneeze into their arm don't know the difference between their arse and elbow another one was a shelter made of toilet rolls with little slit in it and someone hiding inside it. You can also see where people are offering to help old people like me who are confined to home I just hope that most of these people are genuine and do not con the elderly


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      There will be some bogus people preying on the elderly Brian .... They are usually disguised as Timeshare Reps!


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        The Times Published an article yesterday saying that 380 million years ago fish had fingers.

        I thought they still did.!!


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          I have seen on our local news that scammers have been going to senior citizens houses and claiming they are there to check for conovirus in the house and have to come in to check it when in they are robbing old folk