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Panic Buying

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  • Panic Buying

    We were told by our Politicians that there was no need for panic buying. So why on earth is it happening?

    It could not possibly be that it is because we were told this by politicians could it ??

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    I spent two hours trying to make our shopping list for online struggled to find things as these web sites do not seem to put things together eg part skimmed milk one page skimmed milk another place and sizes nowhere near the others as I said this took me two hours to find everything . then I checked out okay filled everything out then went to delivery slot and it said this web site has closed down my wife at this time came up to me and said how am I doing she is now just starting to talk to me again well she keeps saying calm down


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      Most supermarkets who offer a delivery service are way behind with deliveries as they are being inundated with orders to such a degree that I heard some only have slots which are weeks away.
      If you cannot get out to shop it is probably best to ask for help from someone you know as opposed to any offer of help from strangers.