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    Thank you for accepting my registration. I am Donald Manny, a marketing assistant and a travel facilitator. I am from the UK and i want to introduce my travel project online assistance, we have 5 years of progressive experience. I will like to provide travel and work document support to the needy.
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    Unfortunately this forum is for the benefit of timeshare users and those wishing to no longer be involved in timeshare. On looking at your website you do not appear to have any connection to our purpose. We do not allow unsolicited advertisements and would never advocate the use or purchase of fake documents for any of our guests or members. Thank you for your interest in our forum but you and your services are neither needed or welcome on here.


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      The above thread was begun at 1.45 and my subsequent research was completed before 2.00 and the bulk of the topic taken down. It was basically a link to a website which appeared to offer to obtain fake documentations for a multitude of purposes.
      Any new users are monitored for a period of time and any posts they may make are strictly moderated to ensure that we quickly identify and remove any unwanted activity.

      The user has now been removed from the forum.

      It is to be noted that any posts made by any members result in an email notification being sent to one of our moderators and one of our admin team which allows us to respond fairly quickly to any incidents of this nature.
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