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Has anyone on this site had the virus and recovered

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  • Has anyone on this site had the virus and recovered

    I was wondering if anyone on this site has had the virus and recovered and are you allowed to live a normal life or are you still restricted. I ask this as there does not seem to be any figures on people who have recovered plenty on how many have got it and how many have died but not recovered

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    There has probably been lots who have had it and recovered but as there is very little testing beyond the NHS and its helpers, there is, as yet, very little info out there on recovery and I guess that it will be how it remains until they get the NHS staff and volunteers tested. Our daughter believes that she and her partner had the mild version a couple of weeks ago as they both had a dry cough and a slightly sore throat and she had a bloodshot eye, they are fine now but both working from home and they did not consider themselves ill enough to contact anybody. Once there are enough testing kits to go beyond the people that they are testing now I think things will become clearer and more official information will be made available. Not sure that this helps Brian but it is all the info I have.

    I did see a fairly reassuring bit of info yesterday and it was to the effect that the highest number of infected people is in London and that only amounts to 64 infections per 100,000 people. In most other highly populated areas the count on average is around 40 per 100,000.


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      Lots of info out there but it is often conflicting.
      So until there is a bit more clarity we should discount most of it as it is often guesswork.
      Another month should see more solid information but again that is just guesswork on my part.


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        Nice to see Keith Hurst on the forum. We were getting a bit concerned for you as you had not been spotted for some time. Glad you are safe and well.


        • KEITH HURST
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          Thanks for the kind thoughts I have been in lock down for the last 3 weeks due to advancing years and long standing medical problems that they say puts me at risk. I hope to prove them wrong
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        Pleased that you are staying safe and well Keith.
        It is so important for us all to keep doing the sensible things, so as not to spread this dangerous virus around to the elderly and vulnerable.
        Europe seems to be turning the corner now and the UK is only a week or so behind them re the spread of the virus so hopefully if people are sensible the rebuilding of confidence and businesses can begin by the end of the month.

        I think it is a valuable lesson to any government, now and in the future, that they neglect the NHS at their peril.