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RDO Conference cancelled

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  • RDO Conference cancelled

    News comes in that this years RDO Conference which was to take place in September!!! has now been cancelled because of the Covid19 virus.
    As with every other conference they have had, nothing tangible was ever going to come out of it anyway . So I don`t know why I am bothering to post about it.
    I suppose that I am becoming bored with this working from home malarkey.

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    How disappointing for those who so look forward to having a lovely pressure free annual jolly.
    Somewhere nice with nothing to do or achieve for a few days.
    It would have been just like being in lockdown, with fellow conspirators, somewhere exotic.
    They could at least have discussed how to help their members to prise more out of their captive consumers.


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      Some would suggest that you two, Mavo and Helpmate2. are being totally unfair.
      History would suggest that you are not though.