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A hint of good news from The Canaries

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  • A hint of good news from The Canaries

    Not having had much to write home about lately it is nice to be able to finally post something positive.

    Here on the islands and for the first time in 3 weeks we had fewer people admitted into the hospitals with this dreadful Covid19 pandemic and people dying of the effects of it dropped dramatically down to only 2 in a 24 hour period.
    This is after a very strict lockdown which is currently in its 22nd day. No beaches, no bars, no restaurants, no souvenier shops, no take aways, no convenience stores . No exercising by wandering the streets or hanging around in groups. Only the banks, pharmacies, doctors and large supermarkets are allowed to open and customers are strictly controlled as to the numbers allowed in at any one time.

    Huge police and army presence here with people who look to be flouting the lockdown being stopped and questioned as to why they are out and about, be it on foot or in a vehicle. And it is working! People are behaving responsibly and following the rules.

    The effect is dramatic with a real turn round of the viruses effect on the community and there is even talk of some restrictions being maybe lifted by next Tuesday. This may mean that convenience stores may be allowed to open again but I cannot see places where people congregate ie. Bars and Restaurants being allowed to open again just yet.
    We are not completely out of the woods just yet but there is finally some positivity here on the sunny Canarian Islands
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