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Will the world ever be the same again?

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  • Will the world ever be the same again?

    After Covid19 could the world ever return to what it was?
    Would we in fact want it to return to what it was?
    How will it affect peoples future?
    More importantly how would it affect peoples past?

    I was led to thinking about the above after reading today`s blog on Inside Timeshare.


    The article is centred around MacDonald Resorts and the Harry Taylor endorsed changes to their constitution which appears to have been designed to seize a greater control over the company, its membership and assets.

    Whilst the article mentions TATOC and Harry Taylor`s tenure as the CEO of TATOC it does not mention that Harry Taylor endorsed the changes personally and without the say so or consent of his board of directors, who were never consulted until after the events. There are few people who know exactly what went on during and immediately after that situation. (particularly with the majority of that hand picked board) If they did know they simply shrugged their shoulders and allowed it to happen

    So do misdemeanours disappear in the fullness of time?

    Does what really happened in some events become clouded and forgotten in the mists of time?

    Will the changing new world ever remember what really went on in the past ?

    Will the sins of many developers and their bought and paid for servants get buried in the long forgotten past when the new world begins?

    Well. For me the answer is no and there are numerous reasons I can say this with some certainty.

    USB Sticks, The Internet itself. The fact that I have been involved in both the Private Business Sector and the Voluntary Sector for far more years than I care to remember means that I have built a network of trusted friends over many years. I am also an avid collector of meeting minutes, emails and forum posts and some of you will not be surprised to know that I and my friends have copies of every thread or topic ever posted on timesharetalk from the day I joined until the day I stopped posting on that site.

    I along with selected friends have copies of every timeshare related email ever sent to me.

    So whilst some people I know may believe and hope that the past remains in the past, it may not as their performance records are still with me and my network of friends.

    Some people waived their right to confidentiality when they broke the rules and in some cases probably the law.

    So any attempt to gloss over certain past events and present them in a different light and I have the evidence to dispute other peoples versions I will do so.

    *I do accept that in this instance the fact that Harry Taylor acted unilaterally on this matter and it was not noted was therefore an unusual oversight by Inside Timeshare.

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