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  • Macdonalds

    Been a long time since I posted I have been following Inside Timeshare ongoing comments on Mcdonalds this is their latest posting

    At the start of the week with a short article on MacDonald Hotels and Resorts, this highlighted a little known about a court case against them in Spain in 2016.

    The case centred on the illegal contracts of MacDonald Resorts in Spain, which are over the 50 years duration allowed by law and the fact that they are using the points system which is also illegal under Spanish Timeshare law. A system which was championed by the now-discreditedHarry Taylor and TATOC.

    MacDonalds argued that the Spanish courts did not have jurisdiction over their contracts, maintaining that as MacDonalds is a Scottish company Scottish law and courts only had jurisdiction. The Spanish judge totally disagrees with this and the trial went ahead. Needless to say, MacDonalds lost.

    Hopefully, this may open the gates for further cases against McDonalds who have a terrible reputation especially with regards to the elderly who no longer require their timeshare and now find it a financial burden.

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    The only thing I can say about the article is that to some people it could be construed that the board of TATOC were complicit in aiding the construction of the system devised by this developer.

    The situation was as follows-:

    On the agenda at each board meeting of TATOC there was always a CEOs Report. In which Harry Taylor would give a report on his activities between the last board meeting and the current one.
    In one such report he spoke of his involvement in acting as a chairman in numerous meetings with members of Macdonalds and spoke to the effect that he had played a major part in selling this “groundbreaking” system to the membership. This was, to my knowledge, the first time the board had heard about his involvement ! So the board were not consulted or even told about this initiative until after the events had taken place. Like many other unilateral initiatives taken by Harry, this weak board, that Harry had selected and surrounded himself with, failed in the main to question or criticize his decisions.
    I can recollect that over numerous board meetings I was the only one to question his decisions and the decisions filtering down from not just Macdonalds but also Silverpoints.

    The CEO Report was not normally proposed or seconded but just became a part of the minutes to be approved at the next meeting. It was certainly never voted on and so TATOC was in effect just a one man show with a board constructed to simple ratify whatever the CEO felt fit to do or “be told by others” to do next.

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      I think that in your posting you should have made clear your position in Tatoc and that you resigned the board when you found out what was going on. We who knew you from Timesharetalk knew the reasons you left Tatoc but new members might think you were involved in what went on. As a member who has known your views for many years i can say that you have always been helpful and honest


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        Good point well made

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      The truth was that shortly after joining I knew what was going on and even suspected it before I joined.

      I agreed to join the TATOC board with a plan and that plan was to make TATOC fit for purpose, within my interpretation of its mission statement.

      That plan got to a certain stage with the acceptance of charitable status for the Helpline. The rest of that plan was then blocked for reasons best known to Harry and Geoff Chapman.
      At that blocking of the plan I concluded that TATOC was not going to change and so I had to put another plan in place which necessitated my resignation. That plan did not get blocked.

      Should I become criticized by people who were not a party to events it is very unlikely (given their track record) that other members of that board would come to my defence. I can and do live with that having got both the knowledge and the written evidence of exactly what went off in certain situations and as I have said on numerous occasions, copies of that evidence are safely lodged with a number of my trusted friends.


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        Your word and record is more than enough for me

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      Thank you Keith. Your confidence in me is much appreciated.