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The easing of the lockdown?

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  • The easing of the lockdown?

    Here on the islands there are now rumours as to when and how the lockdown will begin to be slowly removed.
    This would obviously be totally reliant on there being no second wave of the virus and the dates being proposed are approximate.

    The first date would be around May 12th when it is proposed to allow the opening of small shops,workshops and dealerships.

    Next and on or around 23rd May could see the reopening of public parks.

    25th May could see the opening of public services such as hairdressers nail bars etc.

    26th May would see the restrictions on the public being out and about being finally lifted.

    Ist June the reopening of bars, cafes and restaurants.

    7th June opening of hotels and tourist accommodation .

    19th June the opening of international transit avenues.

    Finally on 23rd June entertainment venues such as theatres and sports stadia.

    * The opening of hotels etc, on the 7th June seems to me to be pointless if the international transport avenues are to remain closed until 19th June.

    The above is simply a proposal for the islands as they have not been as badly affected as mainland Spain