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Azure Services Ltd Malta Liquidation

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  • Azure Services Ltd Malta Liquidation

    Insiide Timeshare has received news that Azure Services Ltd, the sales and marketing arm for Radisson Blu and Golden Sands resorts in Malta have filed for liquidation. Alex Lawson from Alvarez and Marsal (Cayman Islands) has appointed himself as an administrator/director to oversee the liquidation on behalf of the Trotta family and the parent company Limora Investments Ltd (BVI). links to articles. https://insidetimeshare.com/the-late...-funds-frozen/ and https://insidetimeshare.com/azure-se...d-liquidation/

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    Well thats Silverpoints and Anfi, two of the biggest players on the islands, running for the hills.
    I wonder who will be next?
    Others are currently unable to offload, as who would want to buy Resorts in this climate of uncertainty?
    By the time normality is restored it looks as if it will be too late for some and it wont be just the little fish.

    Perhaps the Developers should have listened to their customers instead of their corporate greedy execs and their bankers, then they would not have attracted so many court cases.
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      I am afraid the developers have been more interested in sorting the scammers out (and failing at that) than sorting their own failures out.
      It is not as if they havn`t been given enough warnings from forums such as this, as to what was likely to happen, if they didn`t take action and put some consumer centric reforms in place.
      Greed seems to have blinded them to the obvious.