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Timeshare in Europe takes another blow

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  • Timeshare in Europe takes another blow

    With the news that UK tourists flying into Spain will be expected to be quarantined for two weeks on arrival in the country and two weeks quarantine on returning to the UK it is very doubtful if anybody will even attempt to venture over there and as the UK timeshare users represent anything between 90% and 95% of all timeshare owners in Europe it will leave the industry on its knees. It is already under great pressure from Spanish Court decisions with many timeshare contracts being declared null and void and is under constant internet attack from consumers for its unwilling stance with regards to the obvious need to modernise and come up with fairer contracts and a constructive and appealing exit strategy.

    If it does not change now it never will and it will simply wither and die.

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    Another aspect of the pandemic is the fact that the mortality rate is highest in the elderly.

    The elderly are said to be the most likely group of people seeking to exit their timeshares and the RDO members have agreed to allow any bereaved owners who have lost their partners to exit their timeshares without further ado.
    It may be only a small minority who have lost partners to covid19 but nevertheless it will have some impact upon the already shrinking memberships.