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  • Holidays

    I see that Greece and Spain are reopening for business the problem is where do we get the money for the fares and i think that travel insurance if you have medical conditions will cost more than the holiday so best to stay at home

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    Your E111 card will continue to cover you for medical emergencies until at least 31st Dec. and maybe longer depending on Brexit negotiations. In Tenerife there is medical insurance available via Excellent Medical which costs around 140 euro per couple per annum. As for flight costs they will be determined by demand I should imagine and prices will be targeted to encourage travel or airlines will go out of business if they are not competitive.

    It may be a while before it sorts itself out but a new norm will have to be competitive in many industries and tourism is just one of the ones that will find its level eventually.


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      | have seen that some insurance companies have excluded covid 19 from there policies
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        I am sure you have Brian. It is how insurance companies become so big. Maximum Profit For Minimum Risk.

        I have paid thousands of pounds out in my lifetime for household insurance and never claimed once, yet they tried to triple my premium earlier this year. They lost not only my household insurance but they will also lose my vehicle insurance when it comes up for renewal in a couple of months.

        Only the stupid stay loyal to Insurance Companies now as the companies know that some people never bother to check what it cost them the previous year, nor do some people compare prices on Energy Companies and Internet and Phone Companies etc. and they are overpaying fortunes.