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    During the Covid19 crisis the site has had to be neglected somewhat because of family commitments, children being off school, people being in isolation or furloughed etc. We hope to return to some normality in the very near future and to once more bring you our slant on events in and around timeshare.

    Obviously the recent U Turn by the UK Government has once more turned the holiday industry on its head and it is disheartening to see yet more dithering and ever changing decisions which are slowly but surely leading to a lack of confidence in consumer ability to now travel abroad.
    After already having had such a soul destroying 3 or 4 months to endure. It must be very difficult for working families with young children to see what they perceived as the light at the end of the tunnel suddenly change back into darkness with the light no longer in sight. We must just keep going and hope to see the end of this nightmare soon.

    Best regards to you all from The Admin Team