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Maintenance Arrears

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  • Maintenance Arrears

    Followers of Inside Timeshare will be familiar with this story, it has been running for around 4 years. It is the despicable tactics of MacDonald Resorts harassing two old ladies for maintenance arrears. This is for a timeshare they legally no longer own. Follow the link for the full story.


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    There are lots of happy users of the MacDonalds products but it seems that when owners can no longer use the timeshare and so want to leave, that is when the problems begin. MacDonalds are not members of RDO and so do not conform with the RDO mandatory membership rule that allows free relinquishment of timeshare at age 75. I think that this is something that consumers should take into consideration when buying into products. Obviously the post by Timeshare Insider has been put on here to highlight poor and some would suggest unfair customer service at the end of a timeshares useful life. I for one applaud the effort of Timeshare Insider to attempt to give maximum negative publicity to developers who seemingly treat former loyal customers in such a shoddy and uncaring manner and I hope that it makes some people looking to buy into timeshare seeking out developers other than MacDonalds.
    There are developers out there who do not have draconian exit policies.


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      Yes. If maximum publicity is the aim on here it is best to put this type of topic in General Discussions, where everybody can see it and not just registered members. Only by getting maximum publicity out as to what is wrong with some timeshare can we hope to eventually change things for the better for consumers.