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Negative covid test needed for Canaries

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  • Negative covid test needed for Canaries

    I have seen today in Maspalomas newspaper that everyone will have to have a negative covid test within the last seventy two hours before arriving in Canaries.

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    I cannot see that working in the short term as there will be people flying in at short notice who have not had time to get tested. The temperature machines at the airports will probably be sufficient at sort notice. I cannot see them turning healthy tourists away as they are desperate for revenue.


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      I can see that idea causing nothing but chaos.... 72 hours, too much can go wrong..Tests coming back too late or too early. Other than that whose tests will they accept German ones, British ones, French ones. Reports are that the British tests are unreliable with puddles, fruit and all manner of inanimate objects testing positive. Back to the drawing board with that one I think.