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Fast looming timeshare problem?

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  • Fast looming timeshare problem?

    Will the problem of availability be far greater in 2021?

    Many timeshare members have had to cancel their holidays in 2020 as resorts have been close down because of the pandemic. Members have thus carried their weeks/points etc forward to next year. So lets take a hypothetical annual fixed two weeks owned by Mr and Mrs Smith. They could not use their weeks 26 and 27 so they were allowed to carry forward to next year (with certain conditions like having to accept a new onerous rule imposed by the developer) so they now have week 26 and 27 available to them twice next year??

    “Well Mr Smith you could have tagged weeks 28 and 29 on and used them that way but Mr and Mrs Brown also have those two weeks twice this next year and unfortunately we have loads of points owners who now also have double points for 2021. but dont worry I am sure you can find the odd week here and there if you can take the extra time off work. Oh by the way. If you do not manage to use them this year you will not be able to carry them forward again and I am sorry to say you will lose them.”

    For the points owners it should be just a case of explaining that there is no availability.

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    Many developers will come up with ingenious ways of dealing with this but I predict that few if any will be to the advantage of the consumer.


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      Agree with both the above.
      That said there is one good thing coming out of this pandemic.

      Nobody in the UK has died form old age since the middle of March!


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        A point that my wife keeps making