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Looking forward with hope or trepidation?

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  • Looking forward with hope or trepidation?

    It would be nice to be able to write something positive about the state of the Timeshare Industry after a disastrous 2020. But alas, I see nothing but further problems for the industry as it tries to rebuild itself once this “pandemic” is over. (A pandemic incidentally that figures seem to show as being the only pandemic in British history that has been responsible for actually lowering the annual death rate in our country)

    Be that as it may the virus will eventually be brought under control and when it is there will have to be a rebuilding of business structures. Can Timeshare rebuild? Well it has Resorts, bricks and mortar tangible assets hasn`t it? But are they sellable and to whom?
    Ok. Maybe individual apartments can be sold off to buyers? But given the Virus and Brexit who are the target buyers? So both prospect looks like no go ideas. So what are we left with as assets that can be exploited? Why the good old customers of course but Timeshare will have to compete with the ever increasing numbers of scammers who are now appearing as consumers clamber to be rid of their timeshare through fear of further exploitation by some developers.
    So I fear that the consumer will once more become the main target from two directions.

    With reference to the scam companies operating around timeshare release. If you are cold called with a release “opportunity” it is 100% a scam... No if`s no but`s.

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    Data seems to suggest that the majority of Timeshare users are British (Some say as high as 95%) So is there a possibility that the British government will take a fresh look at the Timeshare Directive which has been left in the “capable” hands of the industry itself. Being in their hands it has been allowed to be run totally in their interests and little or no consideration has been given to its consumers? This could well alter if a fresh look is taken. I am sure that the RDO will have been lobbying the relevant government departments in order to try to retain the present unbalanced policing of The Directive and unless some one speaks for the consumers then it is very likely that the status quo will remain as it is.

    Anyone who thinks that Timeshare can continue as it has done for 30 years is living in cloud cuckoo land. If it is to survive it has to change and Brexit and the Virus has led to the point where it has to accept that a real change is inevitable and essential. It has to re invent and modernize or it will die a slow death. RDO needs to wake up to the fact that standing still is no longer an option if timeshare is to continue to be a desirable holiday product.

    Developers are already losing court case after court case and what do they do? They appeal the decisions but simply delay the inevitable as the appeals get dismissed. Many court cases are “revenge” cases brought about by timeshare members who have been shabbily treated by developers with their poor and often illegal sales practices.

    What is it going to take to bring them to their senses and get them around a table in order to work out how to move forward ethically?

    Meanwhile the law firms bringing the cases get richer with their 40% no win no fee. The scammers think all their birthdays have come at once and the Developers dig their heels in and don`t bother contacting the consumers who have solutions to their plight.

    Some animals have become extinct through gross stupidity.


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      As I have said before. The fear of change is the greatest enemy of progress.
      Unconfirmed news today is that Club La Costa Mijas on the Costa Del Sol has gone into liquidation and unless companies are prepared to embrace necessary and urgent change then many others will probably be going the same way in the near future..

      Developers cannot continue to use the now broken model they are using as it will only lead to more court cases being lost. Developers may try to find ways of changing members contracts in order to avoid litigation but come on ! Is that really going to sit well within any recovery plan.
      They need to bite the bullet and rebuild from scratch with a completely new model that will work in the modern internet and technological world.and face up to the fact that ease of communication between people means that poor practices and performances now become highlighted and can become upfront news in the blink of an eye.
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        Lets throw something else into the hat here.
        Will the change of power in the USA alter the present political policies on timeshare bearing in mind that Biden seems to wish to change many Trump policies?
        Trump being a man heavily involved in timeshare he would have seemed to be protective of its interests.
        So perhaps any changes needed in timeshare may begin over the pond before migrating in to Europe.


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          It has to be realised that though timeshare companies may be closing and liquidating some companies in their portfolio they are closing companies without tangible assets such as bricks and mortar or finances. What are being closed in the timeshare industry are the sales companies but I am sure that some of the most talented yarn spinners will be retained in some capacity.
          As stated above, changes may first begin over the pond. It does not really matter where they begin as long as they happen. It is hard to believe that the industry has refused for years to do anything other that talk about change and has watch the timeshare concept slowly fall into decline through their failure to act on change.
          No doubt time will show the blame being put on outside events such as Covid and Brexit but make no mistake the decline was obvious long before both those events and the industry did and still does nothing to arrest that decline
          Are the products bad products? Of course not. What is wrong is corporate greed, nothing more and the corporate sector of timeshare, who are responsible for policies, is unable to attend to its addiction to greed.