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The replacement for TATOC, EUROC, giving false information

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  • The replacement for TATOC, EUROC, giving false information

    The timeshare industry perpetuating falsehoods. https://insidetimeshare.com/the-tues...isinformation/

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    As this topic is in General Discussions it can be viewed by all (guests included) and not just registered members.

    However it can only be commented on by registered members who have been approved by our Admin and who have agreed to abide by our terms and conditions.

    We do have one such member whose organisation is mentioned in the above post and subsequent links.

    Perhaps he may wish to comment given that it seems to suggest that complaints around Termination Company promises may be scrutinized and reported to authorities by Timeshare Task Force but seemingly complaints against RDO members and former members may well be avoiding such scrutiny even if reported as it seems was the case at TATOC under Harry Taylor`s stewardship.


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      Just got an email notification and thought that it might be a response from someone associated with RDO responding to this topic. Then I thought, don`t be so silly Ollie.