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  • Guests v Members

    We seem to have many guests coming on site but no members are they all staying at there timeshares?
    Last edited by KEITH HURST; 02-03-2021, 03:58 PM.

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    I don`t think that there are many Timeshare Resorts open at the moment because of the virus. The result is that there is very little news coming out of the industry.
    Watch for the storm of protests from members when they are told that their unused points or weeks will not be allowed to be carried forward into future years and people then find that they do not have enough holiday weeks left to use their entitlements before their right to use runs out despite them having paid full maintenance fees.


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      The only news coming in are court cases and new scammers appearing. Although there are many grumbles from Anfi members and the loss of unused weeks from last year. Unless they sign the new contract they lose those weeks. Its called blackmail, a move by Anfi to stop further litigation into illegal contracts. See second part of the following article https://insidetimeshare.com/anfi-ano...new-contracts/


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        Unfortunately the industry is so adept at using every situation they can to gain an advantage over their biggest asset. Customer service and care went out of the window, along with any moral obligations, many moons ago. But of course they are now beginning to reap what they have sown. My prediction is that, before too long, timeshare members will be allowed to walk away unhindered providing they sign away any legal rights to redress.


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          Mavo, some are already doing this, part of it is that you waiver your rights to take any legal action against them or their associates. This means that if you have a loan agreement brokered by them say with Barclays Partner Finance, you also waiver that right to take action through the courts against them as well.


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            Yes some are doing it and they are the bigger companies so it will probably lead to the smaller ones following suit. What is not made clear so far is the real link between Barclays Partner Finance and the timeshare companies use of them as the provider of the loans that the sales agents "negotiate" on members behalf. I see that, like the First National Trustee Company who have a huge role in timeshare, they too are based in the Isle of Man?


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              Mavo, there is a lot going on with regards to BPF, it has all come about from Azure brokering loan agreements without being authorised by the FCA. It also seems that they were not authorised by the OFT before the FCA took over this role. I am in the process of investigating other sales departments to see if they are authorised. If not it will be very costly for BPF as the loans will no longer be valid and therefore unenforceable in the event of a default on payments. I will keep this forum posted as and when new information comes in.