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MacDonald Resorts: Chasing the Elderly and Vulnerable

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  • MacDonald Resorts: Chasing the Elderly and Vulnerable

    Over the years MacDonald Resorts have hit the headlines over their practice of "locking in" elderly owners and their families into never ending maintenance fees. They also have one of the most disgusting "exit" strategies of any timeshare company. Follow the link to the latest article published on Inside Timeshare, it will make your blood boil!


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    Unfortunately the unilateral decisions made by Harry Taylor under the banner of TATOC appeared to result in MacDonalds feeling empowered to do whatsoever it wished with the membership and this still appears to be the case today. We also have to note that it was never reported that the RDO did anything to discourage the activities of either party I mention above.
    It is to be noted however that it does seem that when the TATOC Helpline was taken to court and the case went against the TATOC Helpline the award of damages was only around £250,000 which one would have thought was mere pocket money to the developers running RDO but they must have indicated even before the case was heard that they would not support Mr Taylor as he did not even turn up at the court to defend himself or his organisation and it was thus allowed to close down.
    Mr Taylor having also been embroiled in an attempt to get the TATOC Board to ratify anti membership constitutional changes at Silverpoint he appeared to make these two poor decisions in quick succession so perhaps it was decided that Harry and TATOC were becoming a liability.

    It is noticeable that even though MacDonalds are not members of RDO they are developers and no developer, of any size, has to my knowledge ever been openly criticised for any aggressive anti membership activities by RDO.