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    Is this site dead or do I have a problem with my comp ? I have been unable to get a response for sometime

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    No. The site is still running but what seems to be somewhat "dead" is Timeshare. I cannot seem to find any site with any meaningful content other than notifications of the continuing "wins" for consumers taking developers to court in Spain.
    Even RDO seem to have hibernated. Timesharetalk is very quiet and is seems that the owner(s) there have gone very quiet and seem unable to spark debates. Other sites which seem to be little more that feeder sites for the "we can get your money back guys" have gone quiet and even the phone cold calls have become a rarity.
    Factors in this must include the Pandemic and the difficulties of travel. The adverse and in most cases deserved publicity via the internet that the industry has suffered from over recent years may also have finally had some impact.
    However my thoughts turn to the effect of IR35 and timeshare workers such as all aspects of sales and marketing. What it seems to mean is that Developers will either have to fully employ sales etc. {and will thus be unable to plead that they as employers have no responsibility for the actions of the sales and marketing teams} or alternatively they will have to close down the marketing operations as they will be unable to recruit salesmen whose hands have become tied behind their backs by having to sell ethically as the developers would become directly responsible for selling activities. Alternatively they could continue to sub contract marketeers but the job would be far less lucrative as tax would be deducted and financial activities would become far more transparent which would possibly be a nightmare scenario for some developers.