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Anfi declared bankrupt

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    Unfortunately there may well be a few more. They have all had enough warnings for far too many years that they needed to change how they operated. The internet wizened up too many potential customers who swerved clear after short google searches. And who best to exploit their weaknesses than the very sales people who did the selling for them in the first place. The question is who is next and how many lost court cases and failed appeals will it take? Product...Great Selling tactics.... Dire Consumer support from industry for those mis-sold..... None existent.
    Result... Too many people seeking revenge.

    It will probably be given limited publicity via RDO.

    We could have a guess whose next topic?


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      Yes Lawnmower the predictions that Graham and I have been making for years are now happening.
      So easy to avoid. Make the product attractive to buy again by creating a fair and attractive exit strategy.
      So many prospects were put off by the fear of being locked in forever and their children being forced to accept the burden.
      This was happening with some developers and it attached itself to the general product of Timeshare and it became a dirty word.
      Poor sales tactics were employed by get rich quick sales who could make a normal years average salery in a week. Short term gain led to the long term pain that we are now seeing.
      Solutions were offered and ignored.
      We have to realise that an exit meant that they got the product back again for FREE. to sell again.
      What other saleable product is sold then given back for free for the vendor to sell again?
      And yet these people rejected that offer.
      Sorry but they deserve what they are now getting.


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        This has been caused by the Cazorla Group who control Anfi, Anfi Sales and Anfi Resorts emptied bank accounts to other companies within the Anfi and Cazorla groups with the intention of avoiding court-ordered payments and other things. Lopesan is using their subsidiary Isla Marina SL who is owed by these two, it has nothing to do with the money, it is about a "hostile takeover" of Anfi by Lopesan. Anfi still believes the courts have got the law wrong and this is being perpetuated by announcements from the RDO. They lose members they lose income and Bougaard loses his job as CEO, look at how much income they lost when Silverpoint withdrew from the RDO and folded, (largest contributor). I hope that the authorities conclude their investigation and charge them with money laundering and other criminal charges.


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          Perhaps Bougaard will apply for his old position back at The European Commission!