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Why is this brilliant concept still being spoiled?

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  • Why is this brilliant concept still being spoiled?

    Why is it that right around the world timeshare does not seem to have the ability to sort itself out and get back to the basics of what after all is a brilliant concept. Affordable holidays in great accommodation surrounded by like minded people. Instead what have we got now? An industry beset with problems brought about by the greed of second and third gereration developers whose only interest appears to be short term bottom line profits at the sacrifice of everything and everybody else.
    South Africa yesterday opened an investigation in to developer activities via The National Consumer Commission. Numerous States in America now have officialdom looking into areas of developer activities and I am sure that we must all have read about the large number of cases being lost by developers in Spain
    With one of the largest developers in Europe pulling out of timeshare "completely".... There are those who are suggesting that they may not be pulling out but simply steering their luxury yacht round the impending storm.

    Aside from that. We do understand that the noose is closing around the necks of certain scammers here in the UK but because of the extremely limited resources of the investigators this may take some further time, given the slippery nature of those being pursued.

    As timeshare users we just have to hope that all these activities will force some common sense back into the industry and we can then all get back to enjoying what we have paid for.

    Can we then hope that as Developers they go back to the roots of all customer service industries?- ----Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.