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What could developers do to ensure members are making best use of their timeshare?

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  • What could developers do to ensure members are making best use of their timeshare?

    This is just one of many ways forward. The larger developers could employ staff on their resorts to invite their members to attend a NON selling presentation. This could be promoted prior to members holidaying at their resort. For the very large resorts this could be themed to invite separate groups that have generally similar holiday requirements. For example, the separate groups could be those in retirement - families - single - couples etc.

    The presentations could be personalised to suit the different groups with examples of best use. The smaller resorts could hold one general NON selling meeting. This would create a feel good factor and as a natural progression some sales would follow in time as a real holiday requirement. People like to buy but not to be sold.

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    Well now! I note that coming up fast is this years RDO Conference.. 10th to 12th Sept in Marbella. I wonder if someone could persuade them to do something other than talk about the self created problems that they have... You know, things like actions as opposed to words. Things like better treatment of those who provide their huge incomes.Unfortunately if past experience is anything to go by, we poor customers must continue to live in little hope I fear, whilst they allow the industry to sink further into the darkness.